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Your Guide to a Stocked Glove Box

October 3, 2016
If you really think about it, your vehicle’s glove box is kind of like its purse.
We ladies know that carrying a purse is all about finding the perfect balance of organization, convenience, and ensuring the essentials are on hand at all times.
Don’t get caught without the necessary glove box goodies by following this simple checklist!
We all know the drill: registration, insurance card, owners manual, but have you considered investing in a small document organizer to keep your important information handy? Most fit in any size compartment and run under $15.
Emergency Info
We all hope to never be involved in a serious accident, but it’s best to be prepared for anything. Include a list of any medical conditions, as well as the names and numbers of any contacts who should be notified in the event of an emergency.
Tire Pressure Gauge
Maintaining optimal tire pressure is key for getting good gas milage and preventing blowouts on the freeway. A simple gauge takes up minimal space, but can be a lifesaver in a pinch.
Vehicle Maintenance Log
If you’ve opted out of the digital route and gone for a traditional notebook log, keep it close in the glove compartment for easy management of your car’s care history.
The constantly changing temperature of your vehicle, as well as the bumping around its contents undergo, creates a less than friendly environment for pens. Consider investing in a heavier duty writing device to ensure it stays is working condition along the ride.
You’ll forget it’s there until you need it, and when you do you’ll be so glad it’s there. This is another glove box item that requires minimal real estate, but offers huge benefit in a time of need.
Napkins/Wet Wipes
Whether there are kids in the picture or not, spills happen. Don’t get caught with a drink in your lap and nothing to clean it up with by stashing a few napkins next time you go through the drive-thru.
High-Energy Snacks
Starving while stuck in traffic is never a place you want to find yourself. Keep your blood sugar up by keeping a few granola bars in the glove box for just such occasions.
Plastic Bags
For gathering garbage or protecting carpet from muddy shoes, future you will be grateful for a little planning ahead.
Multi-Purpose Pocket knife
These days you can get one with gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Tweezers? Check. Screwdriver? Check. Relationship advice? Well…
Bonus: Gloves
The name can’t be a total coincidence, can it?

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