"Your Cars Name Is What?"

May 5, 2015
I’ve known many ‘Georgia’s and ‘Silver Bullet’s and even ‘Green Enchilada’s and I always wonder, how on earth did you come to name your car THAT!? After much deliberation, I’ve determined that one of three experiences occur when naming your vehicle. First Impression When you saw it from across the lot and you KNEW it was the one. Not everyone has this experience when they’re car shopping, but I’ve known a lot who have. The name of your car emerges from whatever it is you first noticed. I once knew a car named ‘Matilda’ because its economy car body style reminded the owner of the cute and spunky little girl from the same name-bearing movie. Play On Word Not everyone has to have a love-at-first-sight reaction to their vehicle. Much like the Nutelleria, I’ve known so many car owners who have named or had colleague’s give ‘punny’ nicknames to their cars. Elantra’s named ‘Ellie’, Sonata’s named ‘Sonya’ (are you seeing a pattern here with Hyundai’s?) just as you would call a ‘Nicolette’ Nikki. Bonding Moment We all know them. Those who had a simple car and owner relationship with their vehicle until something momentous happened. There is always some great story about how someone was trying so hard to open a mustard packet and when they finally did it burst and left a stain shaped like Hawaii on the ceiling. Or, how you forgot you offered to carpool to a party with four of your friends on the same day you chose to shampoo your carpets and upholstery and made everyone sit on saran wrap. There you have it! So tell me, which experience did you have that helped you name your car? I want to know whether you had a bonding moment with your vehicle that produced its name or if you had an entirely different experience. Stories are more than encouraged!  

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