Why you should get snow tires

December 3, 2015


Winter driving can be a pretty stressful and risky event, but a good set of snow tires can really make a world of difference. While to an untrained eye, snow tires and regular tires may not look very different, there are actually some very smart differences to help keep you safer in wet and snowy conditions.

Winter tires are made with a softer compound and more rubber than your regular all-season or summer tires. This helps them grip the road even when temperatures are frigid. Instead of being hard and sliding on the ice, they are flexible and grip the ground.

Another way snow tires work; they have hairline cuts in the tread to displace excess water. There are thousands of these little cuts on snow tires, and often snow tires will come with teeth to take some of the wear off of the tread.

One of the most important differences in snow tires and regular tires is tread design. Winter tires often look more robust because of the design. These particular tread designs are used to push water and slush away from your tire so it can better grip the road.

So, when you’ve decided whether it’s worth it to invest in a good set of winter tires, keep these few things in mind. Safe driving!

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