Under the Hood

Why Are You Getting Bad Gas Mileage?

September 16, 2016

If you’ve noticed that you aren’t getting as far on a tank as usual, there might be a few key reasons to consider. If you’re getting bad gas milage, it means your car is not running as efficiently as it could. Take a look at some of the reasons why you might be guzzling gas, and learn how to get more bang for your buck.

Highway driving. If there isn’t traffic, I find myself charging down the highway. Experts say that most cars get the best gas mileage around 40 to 60 mph. Anything more than that decreases your fuel efficiency. Slow down and keep the gas in your tank!

Idling. It’s not good for your car, and it’s not good for the environment. Whether you’re picking up your kids from school or pulling up at the ATM, turn off the engine. The A/C might be nice at the moment, but it’s killing your gas mileage.

Gasoline type. If you’re using E85 ethanol, it can seriously hurt your gas mileage. Also, if you’re pumping your expensive sports car full of regular gas when it calls for premium, you’re not going to get the fuel economy that the car is supposed to deliver.

Maintenance. A clogged air filter or a malfunctioning oxygen sensor are both killers of fuel economy. Other factors to consider are under-inflated tires and/or suspension that is out of alignment. Keep up with regular maintenance and your gas bill with thank you!

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