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Why are Gas Prices Lower in the Winter?

December 18, 2014
Have you been enjoying the perks of lower gas prices this winter? It’s usually a perk of the season around this time every year, and many people believe gas prices come down in the colder months because people drive less and lower the demand for gas. But I recently learned that is all a myth (from this blog!) — and the real reason is totally fascinating, so I wanted to share it with you here! Apparently, gas prices are actually lower in the winter because it’s a slightly different type of gas than what you’ll find in the summer. It costs less to make, hence, the price is lower! Pretty crazy, right? I mean, we’d all love to have the lower price year-round, so what’s the deal? I learned that gas is made differently in the summertime so that it produces less emissions. Since summer heat produces more smog and ozone, the gas-making people of the world create a formula for gas that is designed to lessen the harm to the environment. The more eco-friendly product costs a bit more because it includes special additives, so the price goes a bit higher in the summer. The more expensive summer gasoline comes back to the pump sometime from April to June, depending on the climate you live in, and then back to cheaper winter gas in September. Of course there are plenty of other factors that can change gas prices, including proximity to an oil refinery, relationships with other countries, government and state taxes, etc etc etc, but I would’ve never guessed that the quality of oil would change the prices from season to season! Have you ever heard anything like this, or is this news to you to? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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