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What would you change about the car buying process?

January 11, 2010
Okay … here’s your chance to influence the process of buying a car. If you could change one aspect, one thing, one step about the car buying process, what would that be? Is it the amount of time spent in the finance office? Is it to install the no-haggle policy at all stores? Is it to get rid of plaid pants and greased back hair? Think long and hard about this because here’s the thing: The whole purpose behind this project is to find out what you think and take those suggestions back to the McCarthy dealerships. For the past (almost) 2 months, I have been asking questions and posting polls. I truthfully want to know how to do business better … as the saying goes, ‘help me help you.’ So tell me what you would change about the car buying process?

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  • ray2633 January 11, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    How about less pressure? Some car salespersons use high pressure tactics to coerce buyers into making an impulsive decision.

    I get how every dealership has customers that come in, ask a million questions, test drive the car, and then leave. But shouldn’t buyers be able to have that luxury without feeling guilty for saying no? I’m only mentioning this because I’m the type of person that has trouble saying “No” to others. And when I’m shopping around for a car, I don’t want to feel pressured into buying something, nor do I want to feel guilty about using that salespersons time and end up saying “no” to them.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I understand that car dealers work off commission, and their sole purpose is to sell cars. And of course, you can’t sell anything without a little bit of pressure on the buyer. All I’m saying is, take er’ down a notch…

  • Lauren McCarthy January 12, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    I like that! “take ‘er down a notch” … that’s cute!

    First off, thanks for the response.
    Secondly, I agree with you. You SHOULD NOT feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do – whatever that may be. Especially in making such an important and expensive decision.

    A salesperson’s ‘sole purpose’ is to sell you a car – correct!, however, it is more important to have a happy customer. And I think all the salesmen and women would agree with that. A happy customer means repeat and referral business and a positive CSI report – which are more important than the initial sale.

    You should NOT feel guilty about ‘saying no’! You should NOT feel guilty about ‘wasting a salespersons time’.
    The job criteria for a salesperson involves just that – acknowledging a person’s needs and wants, test drives, color, trim, monthly payment, etc.

    If you want to test drive several cars, you should do just that. You NEED to be happy with your final decision.
    I think sometimes we lose sight of that.

    I think it can be difficult to read a customer sometimes … one day you may work with someone who knows exactly what they want, and the next day… you have a customer who is in need of more direction. Each situation is different.
    How about we all wear name-tags recognizing our personality types ??? 🙂