What to do if your car is stolen

December 10, 2015


You’ve come outside to where you are sure you parked your car and it’s missing. The first rule, as well as in most situations, is not to panic, although that would probably be the first response.

The next step is to make sure it was not just towed. Make sure it’s also not sitting in a police impound lot. If it was already apprehended it could be sitting there waiting for you. If not, the obvious step is to call the police. The sooner you get the cops on the lookout for it, the better chance you have to find it. Be ready with your car’s description and plate numbers.

If you can OnStar, call them and notify them, they can track where your vehicle is. The next call is to your insurance company. Whether it seems like you are jumping the gun or not, it’s good to get a head start on and claims by notifying them of the situation as soon as possible. As soon as you notify police, it should make it incredibly hard to the thief to resell your car or get it retitled. However, it’s a good idea to check websites like Craigslist, just in case.

Finally, let yourself freak out a little. Once you get all of the phone calls out of the way, you’re allowed a few minutes to freak out. This is a big deal but you will make it through. Drive safe!

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