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What Kind of Car Am I? Truck!

April 1, 2017
  Trucks are some of the most self-explanatory body styles out there. While you can drive a truck in almost any environment, one’s lifestyle usually is a heavy factor into choosing a truck as their preferred mode of transportation. Maybe you really do need all of that cab space, or maybe you just like the look of it–whatever your reason, a truck is a definite reflection of the driver’s personality. If you live in a sea of smart cars, don’t let that stop you from driving a truck! No, it obviously isn’t the most practical choice for that environment, but your car is an extension of you–let your personality shine! Trucks are also extremely practical, whether the vehicle  is a necessity for your job or it helps you fulfill your hobbies on the weekend, a truck has many benefits. It is just more dependant on your environment you live in and the lifestyle you lead. Trucks have an obvious list of pros: powerful engines, tons of storage, towing capabilities, durability, safety, and so on. A trucks safety coincides with its size (most of the time). When in an accident, the bigger vehicle is more likely to suffer less damage than the smaller vehicle. But, like I’ve said before, a vehicle’s safety is dependant upon the driver. With every pro list comes the cons: trucks offer less seating space, can be difficult to maneuver and are not as fuel efficient. The #1 complaint when it comes to trucks usually relates to their gas guzzling reputation. Whether it’s a compact truck or a full-size, extended cab truck, its mpg remains a hot topic. Let’s not jump to stereotypes here, though. Trucks have come a long way in the benefits they have to offer! You’d be surprised with what mpg some of the models get. Just take a look at this article, I bet some of these trucks on the list get a better mile per gallon than that SUV of yours! If you’re trying to decide what type of vehicle is best for you, a truck is one of the more straightforward choices. Either you have a job or lifestyle that points you in the direction of actually needing to drive a truck, or, you’re an adventurous, extroverted, outgoing individual that simply loves the aesthetic of a pick-up.

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