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What Kind of Car Am I? Sports Car!

April 11, 2017
You truly love driving, just for the sake of it. You have a need for speed. Power and performance are your top priorities. You, my friend, are a sports car! Sports cars are known for their stylish looks and 0-60 specs. By definition, sports cars are low-built, two-door, two-seat, automobiles built for high speeds. From the classic Chevrolet Corvette to the Toyota 86, almost every manufacturer has a sports car as a part of their fleet–and for a good reason! Since the dawn of the automobile industry, people have always been striving for faster speeds and stunning looks. Let’s unpack more details of this iconic body style. Design is so crucial to a sports car. A front engine, rear wheel drive layout is common to most sports cars that you see. Sleek, sharp, aerodynamic lines are seen on the exterior while a smooth, stylish, luxurious look is seen on the inside. Those looking to buy a sports car usually aren’t setting out to drive across the country in them, but you could! Depending on the make and model you choose, their mile to the gallon isn’t too bad! Ranging from 15 mpg to 30 mpg, fuel efficiency usually isn’t a sports car’s top priority, but the automobile industry has seen worse! When it comes to maintenance costs, sports cars see a variety. Yes, some have jaw-dropping expensive upkeep, while others are much less costly. Sports cars aren’t always this luxurious, unreachable expensive dream car. There are plenty of more affordable options out there, it just depends on how expensive your taste is! If you’re thinking about driving a sports car, you definitely need to take your current lifestyle into consideration. Sports cars definitely aren’t the practical, family-friendly car choice. So, if you’re one that’s constantly helping friends move or carpooling every weekend, a sports car might not be the smartest choice for you. But don’t let that stop you! If you’ve had your heart set on an iconic, speedy sports car and are looking for a big change, then go for it! Sports cars are for the car enthusiast that’s focused more on the journey than the destination. If this sounds like you, put your pedal to the metal and drive on!

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