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What Kind of Car Am I? Sedan!

April 12, 2017
  So, you drive a sedan or you are looking to buy one. Practicality is your middle name! Sedans have been the most popular choice over the years for many reasons: they’re affordable, dependable, fuel-efficient… the list goes on and on. How do you know a sedan is for you? Let’s look back at that priority list of yours. Is affordability higher on your list than style? Are having four doors a necessity? I bet safety is definitely a priority of yours, too. A sedan checks each one of these off your list! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of stylish, eye-catching sedans out there on the market–it just depends on what kind of look you’re wanting! If you were asked to draw a car right now, I bet you would naturally draw a sedan without even thinking about it! They are such a classic vehicle style, you can’t go wrong. Perhaps they’re not as adventurous as other body styles out there, but they get the job done. Some of the most compelling reasons for this vehicle’s popularity are affordability and safety. Its low height to the ground creates a steady centered gravity, heightening the car’s balance. If you’re a worrier, a sedan is for you. In recent years, crossovers and SUVs have given sedans a run for their money–but the classic vehicle still reigns in popularity. When compared to its competitor, sedans outshine the SUV in many ways. They are less prone to tipping or rolling over, better at acceleration and braking due to its lighter weight, better fuel economy, cheaper maintenance… the benefits of a sedan are almost endless. The biggest reason most would choose an SUV over a sedan is space. Redesigned sedans now offer plentiful head and legroom and boast roomier interiors, but they still can’t compete with the cargo capacity of an SUV. You’d be surprised how much you could actually pack into the trunk of a sedan, but if you’re in need of that occasional third row of seats, a sedan won’t help you there. If you are a practical, money-conscious individual, then a sedan is calling your name! This affordable, reliable, fuel-efficient body style will save you money in the long run and keep you safe on the road over the years!

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