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What Kind of Car Am I?! Minivan!

April 7, 2017
  Accommodating, convenient, comfortable. No, I’m not talking about Starbucks–I’m talking about minivans! If you are thinking about driving this vehicle, chances are you are a parent, or an aspiring one. Don’t let that narrow this vehicle’s audience, though. A minivan’s obvious draw is its seating capacity. Do you consistently need to drive around five or more people? Then it sounds like you need a minivan! Minivans fit an obvious lifestyle. However, many with larger families tend to be reluctant towards driving this vehicle due to its stereotypes or unique style. If you fit this driver profile, don’t stop reading! I’m here to brag about this vehicle and tell you why this is the car you should be driving! Yes, there are SUVs out there that can carry the same capacity as a minivan, but they don’t offer all that a minivan can. Between its automated doors and an aisle between the seats, these features alone will improve your life with your passengers. Just imagine it: when you occasionally have to squeeze yourself into a parking spot and your hands are full, you’ll be so thankful for those automated sliding doors that your kiddos can open with the push of a button! I’ve heard countless stories of families wavering between a large SUV or a minivan, and in conclusion, an SUV simply can’t top the minivan’s comfortable interior and convenient features. Here is where making a priority list is pivotal. At the end of the day, minivans lose most of its potential buyers due to its style (or lack thereof). But, let’s take a look at that priority list of yours. Is family #1? How about safety? Maybe comfortability? I bet fuel efficiency is high on the list, too! If you answered yes to all of those questions, then a minivan is for you! Don’t deny it, just give in. If the only cons you can think of are that you don’t like the way a minivan looks, or you don’t want to be a cliche and fall into the stereotype that many generalize this vehicle with–just take a look at that priority list of yours again! Think about what you want and what you need, because those are two totally different things. If you have needs that would benefit from a minivan, then what’s stopping you?! Modern minivans have just as many exciting features, if not more, than their competitors. If you are an inclusive, confident, practical, family-oriented human, then a minivan is just the car for you! My advice to you, is don’t judge a book by its cover. Drive a minivan, and drive it proud!

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