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What Kind of Car Am I? Hybrid!

April 3, 2017
  When someone says hybrid, the first thought associated with this vehicle is usually its eco-friendly stature. Which is a great first impression to make! Hybrid vehicles have countless benefits.. Keep reading to see if this is the perfect car for you! A lot of car buyers rule out hybrids right off the bat because they don’t think there’s a model that fits their needs. That’s where they’re wrong! Nowadays, you can find a hybrid version of almost every model vehicle you could think of! It has become less of a rare breed and more of a beneficial trend! From sedans and SUVs to hatchbacks and minivans, there is a hybrid out there for almost everyone! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the Top Consumer Rated Hybrids of 2017! You hear “hybrid” all the time now, but maybe you don’t actually know what a hybrid car consists of. Let me give you a crash course! Hybrids have a gasoline engine and an electric motor. Don’t get them confused with electric cars. Hybrids still require visits to the gas station, but utilize their electric component by collecting and reusing energy in the vehicle that would normally go to waste in a regular car. With this mix of the two systems, you get a hybrid! Within this hybrid realm are different types of hybrids. If you decide this style of car is for you, next decide which type of hybrid matches your lifestyle best. Then you can narrow down your decision to the different makes available in that style! If you’re an environmentally conscious and proactive individual with fuel efficiency high on your priority list, then a hybrid car is for you! While the hybrid version of that car you love might be a tad pricier, going the hybrid route will become the smarter financial choice in the long run. The miles per gallon in hybrid vehicles range from around 25 mpg to over 100 mpg! Just imagine how much more for your dollar you’d get at the gas station! While hybrid cars come jam-packed with tons of benefits, this style of vehicle may not be the best decision for everyone. If you find yourself driving mostly at high speeds on the highway, you won’t experience as many of the benefits that come with a hybrid. And, gas savings can sometimes take years to add up and compensate for the original purchase price of your hybrid. So, if these scenarios coincide with your lifestyle, or maybe you’re just not as patient of a person, perhaps a hybrid is not the best choice of car for you. If you can get upwards of 70% better gas mileage in a hybrid compared to the mpg in a regular car, why not?! Don’t stop yourself by thinking it takes a certain kind of person to drive a hybrid. Yes, buying a hybrid can be a costly original purchase, but if this car is one you plan on driving for years, it will pay off in the long run, trust me!  

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