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What Kind of Car Am I? Hatchback!

April 4, 2017
  Take a four-door sedan style car, add a fifth door to the rear, and you have a hatchback! Hatchbacks have grown in popularity recently. Their fuel efficient costs, smaller size, increased cargo capacity and flexible interior are just a few of their many popular benefits and features it consists of. If you’re wavering between a sedan and an SUV, a hatchback might be the perfect compromise for you! They offer a smaller body style like a sedan, but include larger cargo space like an SUV! Here it’s almost like the best of both worlds, you get SUV-like space without the compromises of fuel efficiency. Hatchbacks are often compared to the station wagon as a competitor. But, hatchbacks boast a much sleeker, modern design style. However, the hatchback’s style seems to either be a pro or a con subjective to the shopper. So, you decide! With hatchbacks, you’re getting a bargain for your buck! Not only does the hatchback offer you an envious mile to the gallon, but its resale value is unmatchable to its sedan competitor! Hatchbacks retain an impressive percentage of their value through the years. Needless to say, not only are hatchbacks are an excellent cost-effective car choice, but also a wise investment in the long run! From the Hyundai Veloster to the Chevrolet Spark, your favorite manufacturer has a hatchback model to offer you. So, if your priority list includes versatility, cargo space, fuel and cost efficiency–than a hatchback should be a strong contender for you! Whether you’re an adventurous spirit clammering for your next road trip, or you’re a commuting father of two, a hatchback is the perfect car for a wide variety of people! Test drive a hatchback today, but be careful, you just might drive away in it!

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