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What Kind of Car Am I? Compact Car!

April 9, 2017
  When starting your search for the perfect new car, consider this advice I once heard: start small! Start by looking at smaller sized cars and work your way up. If you find that you’re enjoying the vehicle choices within this small category, then a compact car is perfect for you! Let’s delve into the details of this body style. While small by definition, compact cars are continuing to see roomier interiors and increased comfortability, making them much more of a competitor against larger, pricier options. If affordability and efficiency are high on your priority list, then keep reading–a compact car is calling your name! Compact cars are category that encompass more variety. From the Chevrolet Cruze to the Nissan Sentra, there are countless choices for you to choose from! As its name implies, compact cars are known for their small size. This car is best for those not needing as much seating or cargo capacity. The smaller size makes these cars great for city driving–especially in those crowded parking lots! You won’t have to question if your car could fit, one of the many benefits of a compact car! From their affordable purchase price to their great fuel economy and high resale value, there are many reasons why you’re seeing compact cars on the rise. If you are a commuter, do a lot of city driving and cost efficiency is a top priority, you’ve met your match! A compact car can be versatile, but you will reap most of its benefits among the city. In summation, a compact car is the perfect choice to simply get you from point A to point B. What does driving this vehicle say about you? Well, it says you are a sensible, logical, safe individual. You care more about your destination than the journey it takes to get there. Plus, you’ve saved money on your vehicle, so you have more to spend elsewhere!

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