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What is going on when my salesperson leaves me?

June 2, 2010
So, I’ve been hearing a common complaint from many customers. What is my salesperson doing every time they leave me alone? Are they trying to confuse me? Make me feel pressured? What is going on? Well, there are quite a lot of steps that take place in the car-buying process. I want our job is to be as clear and transparent as possible, so I thought I’d outline the steps we go through to sell you a car. First time the salesperson leaves you, they may be working on some test drive tasks like:
  1. Grabbing keys for the vehicles you’re interested in checking out
  2. Copying your insurance and driver’s license
  3. Filling out a test drive agreement
Second time they leave you, they may be working on your trade-in paperwork. Stuff like:
  1. Filling out a trade-in disclosure
  2. Taking your vehicle to get appraised and waiting for the appraisal
Third and fourth times they leave you, they may be working the knitty gritty of your purchase. There are a lot of steps to get a deal approved and they include things like:
  1. Checking the availability of your new vehicle
  2. Checking to see if you qualify for rebates
  3. Collecting your payoff information
  4. Preparing several payment options for your new vehicle
  5. Waiting for the finance department to approve your deal
Check out my video that explains more about what happens during your car appraisal and what your salesperson and manger are talking about: [youtube][/youtube] Do you have any funny stories about being left alone?

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  • tresha040876 June 16, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Usually people bring someone to bounce ideas off of, about buying a car. When your salesperson takes a walk, keep quiet or head to refreshment area to bounce your ideas, outside the room. The room tends to have ears when the salesperson leaves.