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voting prep

August 8, 2012

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons, user: teejayhanton

OK, who remembered to vote yesterday? I’ll admit it; I didn’t. Deep into parenthood and work and life, I forgot to change my voter registration address, which you sadly cannot do online. But we’re just three months away from the big election, which is plenty of time to get our stuff together and be responsible citizens! So turn off those political ads and get yourself ready for November 6. To register to vote or change your voting address: Missouri. Must register by October 10. Kansas. Due the twenty-first day before the election. To figure out what the heck you’re voting on besides the presidential race: Learn the issues at Midwest Democracy. To figure out which ID is required to prove your existence and eligibility to vote in Kansas: Visit the Got Voter ID? website. To decide which candidate agrees most with you: Take the Match-O-Matic quiz.   LWTK’s mommy blogger, Sarah, is attempting to be a good mama to little Henry, wife to Shea, full-time employee and part-time grad student all while avoiding making dinner from a box every night. In her non-existent free time, she’s running, eating popcorn and blogging about it all at The Gatsby Diaries.  

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