Under the Hood

Time for an oil change … what do you do?

January 22, 2010
The latest poll question was :You know it’s time for an oil change, what do you do?” Your choices were:
  1. I’m on top of things and probably already took it in
  2. Take my car in right on time
  3. Wait a bit and when I get around to it, take it in
  4. Make my husband take it in
  5. Avoid it all together
Wow! I’m a little shocked. Out of 46 voters, 70% chose number 1 and 2. Looks like we have some very responsible people out there. I applaud you. For the remainder, thanks for the honesty. It looks like 11% take it in when they come around to it and an equal 11% make their husbands take it in. And, luckily, there were zero votes for number 5; avoid it all together. Words of advice: Get your oil changed on time. An oil change helps lubricate the internal parts of your vehicle. The fresher the oil, the smoother it runs. And if you maintain it at regular oil changes, you will avoid locking up your motor and ruining your engine (worst case scenerio). For the 22% of you who wait or nominate a partner to get an oil change, why do you?

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