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Three Ways to Quickly Remove Annoying Paint Scratches

December 12, 2016
There is nothing more annoying than your car’s perfect paint job being ruined by scratches and scrapes. Scratches can appear for a number of reasons and they range in size. If you’re like me, even the tiniest scratch can be frustrating. I have gathered a few tips that will help you repair and remove some of those ugly scratches without having to go get professional work done.Use a Scratch Repair Kit Scratch repair kits work best with surface scratches. The kits usually come with a repair pen that matches the paint color of your car. After washing and drying the surface area, you then use the repair pen directly on the scratch. Repair kits can be bought at places that carry auto parts and detailing kits, such as AutoZone or Walmart. I recommend the Turtle Wax scratch repair kit for an easy quick fix.Use Toothpaste I know what you’re thinking… toothpaste?! Sometimes the things you expect to work the least end up being what works the best, and toothpaste is one of these things. Using whitening toothpaste on minor scratches and nicks will virtually erase them! The small abrasives found in whitening toothpastes are also found in car polish. Just using a small amount on a damp cloth and clean surface will fade those dingy scratches away.Use Shoe Polish and Sandpaper After thoroughly cleaning the area with the scratches, use a shoe polish that is darker than the color of your car. This will accurately depict the scratch by spreading it out and filling it in, this way it’ll be easier for you to remove the scratch with sand paper. Make sure to sand the scratch down gently to avoid further damaging your car’s surface. If these tips do not work and you cannot seem to get rid of those stubborn scratches, it would probably be best to go to a professional auto detailer and get them removed. Did you try any of these tips and did they help? Let me know!

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