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Three Simple Tips To Prolong Your Car’s Life

February 17, 2017
Between all of the holidays and seasons that we’ve gone through recently, I’ve seen a lot of people cruising around Kansas City in new vehicles! There’s nothing quite like the smell of a new car and the feeling you get when you drive off with a new set of keys! But as most of you know, that feeling doesn’t last forever. I’ve gathered together some tips to help maintain that new car of yours and prolong its life! Perform periodic checks. Performing regular maintenance on your car is key to prolonging your vehicle’s life. The good news is that most modern cars need much less frequent service to upkeep their well-being. Reliability in cars has improved immensely over the years, but maintaining your car still requires a little work on your end. Here are three easy tasks to remember:
    • Check the engine oil.
    • Check the tire air pressure.
    • Wash your car.
These three simple tasks are proof that a little work can go a long way. An easy tip is to just set a reminder on your calendar or phone to check these three things off your list once a month! Doing these three tasks regularly will help to keep your vehicle in good working condition. More often than not, you might notice an oil leak, so it’s good to catch that yourself before the problem worsens. Checking your oil is an easy step that makes a difference in the long run! If you have questions on what type of oil you need, click here. Checking the tire air pressure (especially before any extended road trips) helps your vehicle to perform better. The closer your tire’s air pressure is to your car’s suggested manufacturer guidelines, the better it will perform! Checking this monthly results in many benefits. This will improve your vehicle’s safety, handling, performance, fuel consumption, alignment, tire longevity and more! Washing your car seems like a task people either love or hate, but giving your car a regular wash can often get overlooked. Keeping your car clean inside and out results in many benefits! Not only does it give you a confidence boost, but it will enhance your car’s overall image, lower maintenance and repair costs, prolong your vehicle’s life, and improve your safety!  Clean vehicles allow for maximum driver’s visibility and resist corrosion that can accumulate in dirty vehicles over time. Simply making time to give your car a wash once a month is one of the easiest tasks you can do to help maintain that new car of yours! So, between these three simple tasks, you could easily prolong your vehicle’s life. If cheaper repair costs, longevity of your tires, and improved car safety are just three tasks away–get at it! Whether you have a brand new car or a vintage beauty, follow these simple tips to help maintain your vehicle and prolong its life!

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