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The New 2014 Car Apps

January 16, 2014
Story #1 You’re driving down the street when suddenly someone clips your car! Story #2 Your friend Anna is trying to remember where she parked, and now she is honking her horn from her key chain. Story #3 Your brother-in-law, John, is driving all around town determined to find the best gas prices, but eventually runs out of gas. All three of these stories have one thing in common. Each can be fixed, or prevented, by purchasing an app on your smart phone. Technology is a great thing and it can make your life so much easier. It’s important to be updated on technology. Here is a new list of apps, that will help you with your car experience while you’re driving.   GasBuddy-The app posts local gas prices in an easy-to-use format and in the different grades, including diesel. Dynolicious Classic-  The nexus of your automotive world, test the performance of you car including horsepower, 0-60, and 1/4 mile. Share your vehicle photos, stories and performance results with the world. Repair Pal- Free referrals to auto repair shops you can trust in your area. Witness Driving- This app makes your smart phone turn into a dash cam! It will log time, date, speed, location, and acceleration of vehicle. Waze- The world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. So you get to know the best routes, from other drivers on the road. Honk- You can mark where you parked with a GPS pin. The app tracks how much time you have left on the meter. Car Minder Plus/ aCar/ Gas Cubby- Reminds you when to schedule a maintenance as well as logging all of the service and repairs. Augmented Driving-  Collision and lane departure warnings. Rev/Torque/Carbonga- displays the basics of engine performance such as speed, RPMs, and fuel consumption. Carrr Matey- Helps you mark your location when you park. The app then uses the GPS to guide you back to your ship. (Might be a little more fun then Honk) iWrecked- This app helps you through the aftermath of an accident. It helps you with taking photos of the accident, keep track of insurance, and driver contact info. Toogethr- Helps with coordinating your carpool. Parker- It can tell you parking lots and garages nearby to park.   Now, how could these stories from the beginning be rewritten? Story #1 You purchased the Augmented Driving app before you started driving. While you were going down the street, your app warned you about a vehicle approaching closely. You break suddenly and the vehicle doesn’t clip your brand new car. (Avoiding an accident) Story #2 Your friend Anna bought the Honk app before she parked. She pinned where her vehicle was and went shopping. When she came out her app located her directly to her vehicle, without any embarrassing honks. Story #3 John, your brother-in-law, purchased the app GasBuddy. It told him the best gas prices in the area, saving him the trouble of driving around. Try one these apps today and tell me if it makes your car experience easier!

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