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The call of the road

March 12, 2013

Photo: Patxi Izkue, Creative Commons

  Recent snowstorms aside, Kansas City’s winter has been kind to us this this year. But still, the short days can get to a person after a few months. So when I left a class last evening and saw that the park nearby was teeming with playing children and smiling dogs, I just had to stop and enjoy the scene: a snapshot of the coming spring.
Is it just me, or is there something about the end of daylight savings time that calls us to the road?
Playfully, she whispers, “Just drop everything and go. There’s so much I want to show you!” She thinks nothing of meandering away into the distance, not a care in the world. And without hesitation, she invites us to join her on the adventure. Sure, Road, but who’s going to shuttle the kids places or do my job that never lets up? The road doesn’t care. She knows that risks taken in a joyous moment of surrender are few and far between. Watching the kids play in the early evening sun yesterday, I was really tempted. “All of your obligations can wait,” the road whispered to me. That temptress. I saw myself laid out on a remote beach, sun warming my skin. Then I was snuggled down in some tiny cabin in the woods, waking to birdsong. Wandering the streets of a Balinese village, visiting with the locals. Which brings me to wonder about YOU. Does the road sometimes call to you? And if you were ever to answer her, where would you go, and why? ______ This week’s guest post is by Aimee Eckhardt, Kansas City mama of two girls. Sarah will be back next week. 

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