Behind the Wheel

The Best Ways to Organize Your Car

December 21, 2016
It seems like cars are always super easy to clutter. Perhaps it’s the fact that once you’re on the go, it’s easy to accumulate and misplace things over time when you’re not paying attention. Being that I am venturing down the straight and narrow path of cleanliness, I found some cool and easy ways to keep your car organized and clutter free! Here’s what I found: – Organizing Your Glove Compartment If you are like me, you find it easy to just shove important documents, receipts, and/or miscellaneous papers in your glove compartment. An easy way to organize this area is to get an expandable tabbed folder, label each tab, and place the appropriate document in the right tab. Not only will this give you a lot of space in your glove compartment, it will also help you maintain and access important documents when needed.   – Keeping Kleenex at Bay I hate driving and not knowing where to quickly and safely find a tissue. Fortunately, there are handy devices that help you keep the tissue box in one place. Using a visor tissue holder not only allows you to easily access your Kleenex, it also eliminates clutter throughout your car. – Eliminate Trash Place a mini trash can, box, or cereal container for trash in the backseat of your car for you and your passengers to dispose items in. You’ll see how quickly your car becomes less cluttered once you put a trash can in your car. – Make Extra Storage Space Shoe organizers are perfect for extra storage space. By placing one of them on the back of the passenger seat you can access it easily while driving and keep things such as snacks inside of the pockets. These are just a few ways I found to be helpful in organizing my car. Do you have any car organizing ideas? Let me know what you do to keep your car clutter free!

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