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Car Parts and their Functions

April 8, 2014

I have been doing a couple car part quizzes on my Facebook page, and I’m proud of my fans for getting so many correct answers! I thought that I would take this time to write about what functions these car parts play in a car.

Here is my first car part rundown:


1. Turbocharger- The function of a turbocharger is to significantly increase an engine’s horsepower without affecting its overall weight. How does it work? They are a forced induction system that compresses the air going into the engine. When the air is compressed it allows the engine to squeeze more air into the cylinder. This in turn allows more fuel to be added, which then results in a powerful explosion in each cylinder.

2. Electronic Control Unit- An ECU controls a couple of the electrical systems or subsystems in a car. What does that mean? Well the ECU can control the fuel injection system, the ignition timing, and the idle speed control system. If you thought that was enough, it also helps with the air conditioning and EGR systems. It’s also been known to control power to the fuel pump. Pretty important car part!

3. Valve Springs- A valve spring is a helical spring used to close a valve, which allows fuel/air in, or exhaust gases out.

4. Alternator- A good alternator is vital for a running car. It’s a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. How is this possible? With something called a rotating crankshaft.

I hope that you were able to learn more about these car parts!