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What questions to have ready when looking for a new car

August 11, 2010
Select your trim and color please!

Select your trim and color please!

The most important part of our job is to get you in the “RIGHT” vehicle. Right meaning several things:
  • Right fit
  • Right equipment
  • Right budget
  • Right reason
  • Right purpose
Vehicles serve different purposes for different people. For most, they are the only mode of transportation. For others, a carpool. For some, a toy. Our job is to find what fits your lifestyle and your budget. So, think about this before coming in …
  1. Why am I in the market for a new car?
  2. What is my budget? How much a month can I afford?
  3. What basic equipment do I need?
  4. If applicable, what extra equipment do I want?
  5. If need be, how much cash down can I provide?
  6. What can I not live without?
  7. Do I prefer New or Pre-owned?
Even if you know nothing about cars … these questions will serve you wonders in the search for your next automobile! So tell me, what other questions can you think of?