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Top three sellers at each McCarthy dealership

June 28, 2010
I wanted to know which vehicle we sell the most of each month at our stores. So I asked the General Managers of each store what our top seller was for last month … and here’s what I found: [youtube][/youtube] At our Chevy stores in Overland Park and Olathe, the top car has been our top seller for many months. It has been a Consumers Best Buy for the past three years. At our Nissan stores in Blue Springs and Olathe, the top vehicle represents the phrase ‘bang for the buck’. It is the best buy for the money. At our Blue Springs and Olathe Hyundai stores, the top car takes pride in its 10yr – 100,000mile warranty along with it’s 35 miles per gallon average on the highway. Check out my walkaround of the top Hyundai seller for more juicy details. I can’t wait to see which vehicle tops the charts this month. Rumor has it, the top three may stay the same! Have you recently purchased one of these top sellers? How do you like it?