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Save on Gas

November 17, 2010

Bad Gas...

As gas prices fluctuate in the market, your pocketbook may be emptying by the minute. You can’t change the market, but you can alter your driving and spending habits. I’m sure many of you are aware of these commonly-known facts…but a reminder can’t hurt, right? Tips on saving your gas – and ultimately,  your money.
  1. Keep your tires inflated at the proper level
  2. Check that air filter
  3. Keep vehicle properly tuned
  4. Slow down – lower, more consistent speeds get you better gas mileage
  5. Drive only when necessary
  6. Combine trips
  7. Right size to a more fuel-efficient car
If you’re driving a vehicle that has been around since the Stone Age, it may be time to consider swapping for something more modern! The newer vehicles all have one thing in common – more fuel-efficient. Keep in mind, getting into a new ride will save you money in gas on a monthly basis. Share your tips with me!

Good Gas...

Auto News, Behind the Wheel

Tips on fuel efficiency: How can I save on gas?

March 15, 2010
Wow! 32 mpg on an SUV!

Wow! 32 mpg on an SUV!

With gas prices fluctuating and a hot demand for SUVs and crossover vehicles, fuel efficiency is very important. Whether you drive a monster Silverado Heavy Duty or a petite Hyundai accent, saving is still saving! Here’s some tips on how to drive more efficiently — and save some money on gas:
  1. Drive Smart: Heavy accelerating and braking wastes gas so avoid both as much as you can.
  2. Keep it Clean: Don’t treat your vehicle like an empty closet or suitcase … it’s a car, not a storage device. Excess weight wastes gas cause there’s more to move around.
  3. Cruise, baby: If you can, use cruise control on the highway — maintaining a steady speed saves on gas.
  4. Keep tires afloat: Proper tire pressure and inflation is crucial. “Under inflated tires can add 6% to your fuel consumption, which could easily translate into burning an extra gallon of gas with every fill up if you’re getting around 20 MPG.”
  5. All Oiled-up: Use the recommended oil for your vehicle and and change it when recommended. Clean oil gets better gas mileage than dirty.
Following these simple tips will keep your pocket books full and your significant other happy! For more information on saving gas and choosing the right vehicle for you, check out Do you have a gas saving tip that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!
most fuel efficient crossover out there

most fuel efficient crossover out there