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Lauren's Guide to Sharing the Road: Bikes Edition

October 21, 2014
Once you have a friend or two that commutes by bike or motorcycle, or try it yourself, you realize what a different experience it is to be on the road with cars — and not be in a car yourself! There are so many accidents and deaths that happen every year because of carelessness on the part of drivers or bikers and motorcyclists. I think the most effective way to create change is through education. So I’ve made a guide to sharing the road with all different types of vehicles! I will feature a guide to different types of vehicles on every post this week.  And hopefully after this, you’ll feel much more comfortable on the road in any situation! First up, let’s talk about biking. Fatalities by walking and bicycling are on the rise, while fatalities by driving a car are going down. In 2012, more than two people per day died from a bike + car accident in the United States. So let’s stop the trend, before biking or walking becomes more dangerous than driving! There’s no reason we can’t all share the road happily and safely. Sharing the Road with Bikes Bikers on the road definitely make me the most nervous, because they don’t always drive in the lane like motorcyclists, but they are still close enough to the road that it seems risky to go around them. Many bikers seem to make up their own rules of the road, weaving through traffic, listening to music and running stop signs. But knowing these habits makes me a more cautious driver and can prevent accidents. There are plenty of well-behaved bikers too, and the more I drive around them, the more comfortable I feel with the idea of sharing the road with bikes. Check out the graphic below for some tips on how to responsibly drive around cyclists! Lauren Wants to Know Bikeinfographic