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Lauren's Guide to Sharing the Road: Motorcycles & Scooters Edition

October 30, 2014
Though they can go a lot faster than cyclists, motor bikes can still be a huge hazard when they interact with cars on the road. The faster speed means that accidents can do even more damage. Like cycling, motor bike accidents on are on the rise. Close to 5,000 people die from motorcycle or other motor bike accidents each year, which is just about 5,000 people too many! Most deaths occur because of a motorcyclist speeding and colliding with a turning vehicle. And sadly, many of the deaths happen in situations where the rider is not wearing a helmet. It’s amazing to me that many states still don’t have laws against driving a motorcycle without a helmet, but it’s true! Information like this can make a huge difference in your driving habits, so I’ve written this post to hopefully help you improve how you share the road with motorcycles and scooters! Here is an informative article with many statistics about motorcycle fatalities. Once you’ve read up on states, check out the infographic below for┬ásome other tips to make you feel more comfortable on the road: motorinfographic