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Preparation for the big day!

January 14, 2010
How prepared are you when you go into a dealership? Is it like shopping for a wedding dress — months (or years) of endless google searches and designer profiles? Or is it more like ‘I can’t sleep, so I’m gonna ‘ask jeeves’ about a couple cool cars’? Which is it for you? Are you the OCD type who has to know every detail of every inch of every car you want to test drive? Or are you more interested in dealership reputation, referral or service experience? Do you think that you need to be thoroughly prepared because you ‘want’ to be, for your own benefit … or because you ‘need’ to be, so you won’t get “dooped” by the shady car salesmen? And more importantly … where do you get your information? For future blogs, I’m going to list top car sites that will help with your searching and decision making. But for now … I wanna know how prepared you are when you walk into the dealership! 2