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See how many cars you've owned …

January 15, 2010
First of all, thanks for voting on our last poll! The poll question was: How many cars have you owned in your lifetime Pulling results just from the site, out of 42 voters, half have owned between 1 and 3 vehicles in their lifetime. 12 have owned less than 10; 9 more than 10; and (a whopping) 1 person has owned over 50! Whoever you are? Please stand up! Over on Facebook, I asked the same question. It seemed that it was split in half on less than 10 and more than 10. There were some surprisingly high numbers. Jamie King has owned 13 cars since the age of 22. Wow! That’s quite a bit! Favorite being his BMW 330c. Then there’s Mary Ann Maynard Tennant, owning 20 cars in her life — her mom’s 65 Plymouth Belvedre being her top pick! How many cars have you owned and what’s your favorite? You still have time to fill out the poll before the new one goes live Monday, or comment on this post.
Money Matters

Here's who you ask for car advice

January 4, 2010
The latest poll question was : Who do you ask for advice when picking your car? Your options were:
  1. Family
  2. Online Sites / Blogs
  3. Friends
  4. No one
  5. None of the Above
So, out of the total voters, the majority ask advice from their family members. Out of 48 votes, 20 people voted family, 13 for online sites and blogs, 6 chose to ask their friends advice and the remaining 9 either chose ‘no one’ or some other avenue. I guess it’s fair to say that people trust and respect their families opinions more than anyone else’s. And with the never-ending flow of information on the internet, online sites and blogs is a close second. Thanks to all the voters out there — you’re votes are helping contribute to improving our dealerships. And I look forward to seeing the results of the next one – which will go up tomorrow!
Money Matters

How did you finance your first car results

December 3, 2009
First of all, thanks to all who participated in my first poll. How did you finance your first car? It was a gift (30%) Dealer Financing (24%) Paid Cash (24%) Bank or Credit Union (22%) Out of 186 votes, 86 were financed, 44 paid cash and 56 were a gift. After speaking to one of the finance directors at McCarthy Auto, your responses seem pretty normal … seeing that it was your first car. The majority of first car purchases are parents buying vehicles for their high school students. They are often looking at paying cash on a more inexpensive vehicle. Seems like a nice gift, right? Now, when you move onto the second, third and fourth vehicle — the percentage for financing goes up. People are interested in more expensive and newer models and normally can’t write a large check for them. If only our parents would help with those purchases made later in our life, too!! 🙂 Please feel free to vote if you have not already. Look for a new poll on Monday, December 7th!