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10 car hacks for a better life

July 17, 2013
Life seems to always be a bit too complicated — not enough money, not enough time, too much to do… So to help out my fellow human beings, I’ve gathered a list of car hacks that’ll make your life just a wee bit simpler. 1. Do you keep banging your car doors into the walls of your garage? Line the wall with half of a pool noodle! The extra padding and colorful wall will do a soul good. 2. Car dent? No problem! Use a plunger to suction out the small dents of your vehicular transport! 3. If you’re a big fan of pizza, here’s a masterful tip: turn on your passenger side seat warmer and stick the box of carry-out pizza there. Voila! Your pizza stays hot! 4. I’ve tortured my nails long enough by trying to pry open a key chain. Now there’s a harmless solution: a staple remover! Wedge the points of the staple remover between the rings of the circular key chain, and presto! 5. Hazy car headlights can be easily remedied with… toothpaste! Smear some toothpaste on a cloth, and wipe all over your headlight. Then wash off with water, and let it dry. Your headlights will be good as new! 6. Nail polish has more purpose than prettying up your nails, ladies. If your car gets scratched, find the nail polish with the closest color, and dab away! It’ll save you money, AKA you won’t spend any if you already have the polish color! 7. Not sure how far to pull into your garage before hitting the wall? Or afraid you won’t pull in far enough for the garage door to close? Hang a tennis ball on a string from the ceiling so the ball will touch your window when your placement is perfect. 8. When it’s cold and frosty outside, face your windshield towards the East (sun rises that way!) so your icy windshield will melt faster! 9. If you have registration stickers or parking permits stuck to your windshield, use wet newspaper to get them off. Simply soak enough newspaper to cover the sticker in warm water, and then place over the sticker for about ten minutes. The sticker will practically fall off into your hands! 10. Men, it’s okay to admit you need directions! In fact, succumbing to GPS will allow you to stop wasting so much gas! GPS will get you to your destination in the shortest time and way possible.