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January 15, 2010
First of all, thanks for voting on our last poll! The poll question was: How many cars have you owned in your lifetime Pulling results just from the site, out of 42 voters, half have owned between 1 and 3 vehicles in their lifetime. 12 have owned less than 10; 9 more than 10; and (a whopping) 1 person has owned over 50!¬†Whoever you are? Please stand up! Over on Facebook, I asked the same question. It seemed that it was split in half on less than 10 and more than 10. There were some surprisingly high numbers. Jamie King has owned 13 cars since the age of 22. Wow! That’s quite a bit! Favorite being his BMW 330c. Then there’s Mary Ann Maynard Tennant, owning 20 cars in her life — her mom’s 65 Plymouth Belvedre being her top pick! How many cars have you owned and what’s your favorite? You still have time to fill out the poll before the new one goes live Monday, or comment on this post.