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My first car: A whole new world

November 6, 2009
4080401529_fbf381ac52_o The garage slowly opens; I barely make it under the door, as I drive out into the unknown world: Freedom. I was introduced to my first car — a white Mitsubishi Montero Sport — when I was 16. Not to be mistaken with my last, or second, or even third for that matter. From that moment on I knew there would be many. But how many? Despite the numbers, despite the color changes, engine sizes, station settings, cars represented one thing at that time: Freedom. Turning 16 was like moving out of the house for the first time. It was the endless opportunities at hand. It was the joy of cruising around AMC 20 with my girlfriends or jamming to some mix on the way to watch the Saints play. It was the simple errand to HYVEE for mom to pick up some milk. The reason I got behind the wheel didn’t really matter, simply that it was MY wheel and MY time to drive. Do you remember what it was like to have your first car? Were you thrilled, excited or anxious?