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Interview with a McCarthy Chevrolet salesperson

July 7, 2010
When it comes to stereotyping a car salesman, I think it is important for consumers to understand and see a different side to the people behind the bad plaid pants and slicked-back hair. We’re not all bad guys. 🙂 So I decided to do a quick interview with one of my favorites sales associates from McCarthy Chevrolet. His name? Jamie Harrigan. Jamie has been working at McCarthy for around 5 years and is passionate about selling cars. Listen to Jamie talk about what he wishes customers would ask when they come into the dealership and give other insider insight in his video interview: [youtube][/youtube] I look forward to introducing you to more of the staff from all stores. But get ready … we have a lot of characters here in the McCarthy organization. Most importantly, a lot of great, hardworking men and women who are passionate about what they do. Do you have a question for our sales staff?