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FAQ: Fuel System

January 18, 2017
The fuel system plays a critical part in the functionality of your car. The fuel system is responsible for storing and delivering the gasoline or diesel fuel needed for your engine to run smoothly. Without the proper functioning of any of the components that make up this system, your vehicle will struggle to run effectively. The fuel system starts with the fuel tank. The fuel tank holds the fuel for your vehicle and lets the gas gauge know how much gas is in the tank.  Before the gas reaches the tank it is passed through the fuel pump for proper dispensation. The pump then pushes gas into fuel lines that deliver the gas from the tank to the car engine. However, before the fuel can even reach the engine it must first pass through the fuel filter. The fuel filter is extremely important! The fuel filter cleans and removes any impurities or debris from the gas before it gets to the engine. Without the fuel filter your vehicle would be in danger of dirt buildup and clogging. It is important to keep a clean fuel filter to ensure a long-lasting and clean-running engine. The fuel system is what helps keep your car running. It is recommended that you get your fuel filter replaced every one to two years or every 30,000 miles driven. By checking and replacing your fuel filter regularly you have a better chance at having a long-lasting engine. If you are needing to get your fuel filter replaced make sure to schedule an appointment at one of McCarthy Auto Group’s service centers today!