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Lauren's Guide to Sharing the Road: Large Trucks Edition

November 6, 2014
Nothing gives me anxiety like driving down a windy road with big rigs on each side. Augh! It can be so nerve-wracking to feel stuck between two gigantic vehicles that could do some major damage if there was an accident. And driving next to a large truck in bad weather is even worse! But once I read some of helpful tips, I realized I can be doing a lot more to make myself feel comfortable on the road with truck drivers. Learning more about their situation is especially helpful. For instance, did you know that all truck drivers must have a commercial driver’s license, go to a Professional Truck Driver Institute, and pass on many health tests before becoming certified? These guys aren’t messing around! Truck drivers are highly trained individuals who know how to manage their load. It’s just the other little guys out there who need to get more comfortable! Check out the infographic below to learn what I’ve put into practice when sharing the road with large trucks: trucksinfographic