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Spring Cleaning for your Car

March 1, 2011
The sun is out … finally! Not only are the days brighter and warmer, but those spots on our cars are way more visible. It’s time for a good washing! In past blogs, I’ve shared the importance of routine maintenance on your vehicle – not only under the trunk, but the exterior as well. Keeping your car healthy and clean creates added value on your car (when looking to trade in) and extends the life of your vehicle (for those who hold onto things a little longer). Entering and departing the winter season is a good starting point for a bath. In order to keep a healthy paint job (looking shiny and new), you need to remove all dirt, salt and “winter charm” from our rides. And whether you spend $20 or $100 to do so is up to you – as long as the job gets done! If you’re the “hands on” type of guy or gal, check out the proper gear to a good wash. But if time is of the essence, then run on down to your nearest dealership or car wash to get the job done. I recommend going “all out” for a post-winter car wash! (just this once) And if you’re ever interested in getting your vehicle professionally detailed by one of my guys, come on in! (Car = $200 , Truck/SUV = $265)