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How to Travel With Your Dog

April 24, 2014

Don’t leave your furry companion at home this weekend, I’m not talking about your husband!

I have some tips for traveling with your dog.

Tip #1. Safety first! Animals should be just as secured and safe as your human passengers! Perhaps you didn’t know this but you can buy seat belts for your dog! They range in sizes, so you don’t have to worry about your small dog.

PicMonkey Collajge.jpg

Tip #2. If you’re going on a long road trip, remember that dogs get just as bored as humans. Make sure to pack toys and treats for them. If you can, try to find a spill-proof water bowl so you don’t make a mess in your car.

PicMonkwwey Collage.jpg

Tip #3. Dogs car get car sick just like anyone else. Make some stops to ensure that your dog can walk around and get some fresh air. Also, if you do leave your car, make sure to never leave your dog alone when it’s incredibly hot or freezing cold.

PicMonkey Collaget.jpg

Those are my quick tips on how to travel with your dog!

Happy traveling!


Why Won’t My Car Start?!

April 24, 2014

It’s a cool brisk Saturday morning and you’re excited to go shopping for yourself. You deserve it after a brutal week at work. Walking towards your car, you’re already thinking about all the stores you want to hit up.

“Maybe I’ll buy those cute strappy sandals from that boutique,” you think as you open the car door.

Hopping into the drivers seat you place the key into the ignition and… nothing! Thinking there might have been a fluke, you try it again. Dread washes over you when you realize that, yes, your car won’t start.

“I have to get those cute strappy sandals,” you yell out loud.

No worries, I’m here to help solve the mystery of why your car won’t start.

#1. Dead Battery- My first thought would be check to see if you left any lights on in your car. Even the smallest light can drain your battery if left on for too long. If you have a battery tester then that is great! If you do believe that your battery is dead then try jump starting your car. If your car starts right away, most likely the problem was just a dead battery. You can always get it replaced or have someone clean the connections. Over time battery connections can become dirty or corroded. Bad connections can make it difficult to start your car as well.

#2. Faulty Fuses- Hope that it is just a faulty fuse. It’s easy to get them replaced! You can tell when a fuse is blown, because the fine wires in the casing will be broken and there will be discoloring. (Few cars have faulty fuses related to starting systems, but your car might be one of them)

#3. Ignition Switch Problems- Your ignition switch could be the problem if it wasn’t your fuse or your battery. One sure sign that it could be the ignition switch is if you turn your key and the red warning lights on your dash don’t ever light up.

#4. Bad Starter- If you’re getting current to the starter but it just keeps spinning, it most likely needs to be replaced. I would recommend having someone help you test this, seeing as it could be slightly dangerous to do own your own.

There are some other reasons why your car won’t start, but hopefully this will help eliminate possibilities! So you can get back on the road and buy those cute strappy sandals!

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My Top Cars for Summer Adventures

March 28, 2014
I might be jumping the gun on this, but I can’t stop thinking about summer! Picnics, hiking, swimming, tanning and road trips are just a few of my favorite summer activities. And summer activities and cars are meant to be together, just like French fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake (What? Tell me you do that too!) So to help you get excited for summer, I’ve come up with my top three cars for summer fun!

1. 2014 Nissan 370Z Roadster

Can’t you see yourself driving around town in this hot sports car!? The Nissan 370Z Roadster is meant for the adventurer that seeks luxury!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.30.18 AM

2. 2014 Toyota Prius C

It’s time for some fun road trips this summer, and the 2014 Toyota Prius C can take you anywhere you want to go! Don’t worry about spending too much money on gas when you get 53 city/46 hwy mpg!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.56.05 AM


3. 2015 Chevy Colorado

Need to haul your things for a campout? This 2015 Chevy Colorado is for the active person inside all of us!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.00.47 AM

What is your favorite summer vehicle?
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What other car questions can I ask for you?

January 26, 2010
Over the past couple months, I have been working hard to get an insight into the car customer’s mind. I have posted questions, polls, read numerous comments, suggestions and stories, but it’s possible that I haven’t gotten to your question or concern about cars yet. This project is about you. You make the “car world” go round. You are the reason we are here! So, what do you most want to know about dealerships? Are there things I haven’t asked? Send me your burning questions and stories related to buying a car … cause I want to know! You can contact me via my contact page or simply comment on this post. Let’s not leave anything out!
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Tips for driving in the wintery Kansas City weather

January 19, 2010
What a winter! This past December, a winter storm set a record in Kansas City and with all the snow on the ground, it’s a hassle to even leave home. I think I actually stayed inside three days in a row … not once stepping foot outside. To say the least, I have seen every Blockbuster hit out there! But sometimes you have to venture out. Here are some tips for driving your car in the winter wonderland.
  • Drive slow! Big shocker … but rapid movements lead to skids and loss of control. Even you, big four-wheel drive SUVs!
  • Remember — in the snow — the tires are just barely grabbing the road.
  • Clean off your car — you need to see to drive!
  • If you have AWD use it! If not, front-wheel drive will do.
  • Snow tires: If you can’t afford four, two is better than none.
  • When looking to buy a new vehicle, anti-lock brakes and vehicle stability control are good things to keep in mind during the snow season.
Here’s a quote I read somewhere : “Drive as if there were eggs on the bottoms of you feet. Step on the gas and brake pedals so gently that you don’t break the eggshell.” Have you had any close calls on the road this winter? If so … share your tips for winter driving. IMG_0353-645x483
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What would you change about the car buying process?

January 11, 2010
Okay … here’s your chance to influence the process of buying a car. If you could change one aspect, one thing, one step about the car buying process, what would that be? Is it the amount of time spent in the finance office? Is it to install the no-haggle policy at all stores? Is it to get rid of plaid pants and greased back hair? Think long and hard about this because here’s the thing: The whole purpose behind this project is to find out what you think and take those suggestions back to the McCarthy dealerships. For the past (almost) 2 months, I have been asking questions and posting polls. I truthfully want to know how to do business better … as the saying goes, ‘help me help you.’ So tell me what you would change about the car buying process?
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What do women who work in a car dealership think? Part II

January 8, 2010
Morgan Hotze, Hyundai Business Coordinator

Morgan Hotze, Hyundai Business Coordinator

As promised, here is round two on my search to gain some insight inside the dealership. I have gone around to the 6 McCarthy locations asking some questions to women employees in hopes of getting some insight about women and dealerships. Here’s what these women had to say. Q. Do you think you have any disadvantages being a woman in the car business? Gretchen Jammiggeh, Sales Associate at McCarthy Chevrolet: “I have to be the best at what I do to compete with my male counterparts. My product knowledge, listening skills, and customer service skills allow me to listen to the customers concerns, wants and needs and land them on the proper vehicle.” Mimi Srivisay, Used Car Assistant Manager: “Not any different from a male associate – just maybe a change of face and personality.” Susie Self, Service Manager at McCarthy Blue Springs Nissan: “I have no negative comments or feelings towards being a women in the car dealership.” Jammiggeh: “Sometimes it hurts you because they assume you don’t know the product as well as a man. And we know that’s just not true!” Q. Do you help more men or women? Srivisay : “Probably help more men.” Jammiggeh: “I would love to say that I help more women. But, I help more men customers. There just seems to be more men that shop for cars.” Self: “I focus entirely on my customers.” Q. What are women looking for when they buy a car? Jammiggeh: “Safety, security and reliability. And they want the best value for their money.” Srivisay: “Women are broader-minded … thinking about space for family and options suitable on a car.” Q. Have you had any interesting stories about being a woman in the car business? Jammiggeh: “Yes, I had a male customer come in looking for a salesman. He wanted to look at a truck. I told him that I could help him with that. You could see that he was resistant. But after looking at the trucks and answering all of his questions and concerns, he purchased the truck from me. He also expressed to me how impressed he was of my knowledge of trucks. He did not expect it from a woman.” Q. Would you recommend working in the car business to other women? Jammiggeh: “I love my job! I find it exciting and very challenging. But, it does require a lot of time and dedication to it. So, if you have a family, it sometimes can be hard to create a balance between family and career … but I manage.” Self: “I have a lot of energy – a big personality – I wouldn’t be able to work in an office. I need to be in the public, with people. My customers always have a big smile on their face when they leave.” So guys and gals … do you agree of disagree with what these female employees are saying? If you havn’t seen it yet, check out the first part of my interviews with McCarthy’s women employees.
Heather Benedict, Sales Associate at McCarthy Hyundai in Olathe

Heather Benedict, Sales Associate at McCarthy Hyundai in Olathe

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Aim for the impossible: Disney World

December 2, 2009
I want you to imagine a place where all of this happens …
  • Make Eye Contact and Smile
  • Greet and Welcome each and every guest
  • Seek out guest contact
  • Provide Immediate Service Recovery
  • Display Appropriate Body language at all times
  • Preserve the “Magical” Guest experience
  • Thank each and every guest
Does this place sound familiar? Have you been there before? These are Walt Disney World Guidelines for Guest Service. Sounds like a great place to be! I think many organizations and businesses think they are far different from Disney, but I’d have to disagree. Every customer, every guest, every person wants to be treated in such a way. Who doesn’t want a magical experience? Many moons ago, my father created the McCarthy Automotive Group: Ten Commandments for working at McCarthy. Ironically, the last commandment … number 10 is: Aim for the Impossible – Disney World. What makes an exceptional customer experience? Do you have any exceptional car buying experiences you would like to share? What made them so great?
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Does your car have a name?

December 1, 2009
Zeus, Candy, Victoria, My Wife’s Car, Noreen and Lauren. These are only a few of the names of cars in Kansas City that I met. For four days, I drove all over KC to ask people how they felt about buying a car. I wanted to find out some personal and interesting things about these people I interviewed, as well. I mean … it can’t all be serious. Owning a car should be fun! Some people believe that their car is extension of their personality. Kinda like peoples’ dogs. Finding out if men and women actually named their vehicles was a great ice breaker and rather funny! And you may be surprised — most people do name their car! [youtube][/youtube] So, tell me … does you car have a name? And, how did it get that name?
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Choosing a dealership: Is it like choosing a spouse?

November 24, 2009
Honesty, trust, good communication, respect and service. All of these qualities seem to be a common thread when making a decision; whether it be choosing a hairstylist, buying a car or picking your husband. It’s about a relationship! What is the number one reason you choose to go to a particular dealership when buying a car? Is it location, price, reputation? Or is it honesty, service, knowledge and respect? I went around Kansas City and asked this very question. Here’s some of what KC had to say about choosing a dealership. [youtube][/youtube] What is your number one reason for selecting a particular dealership? And, did the last store you bought from do anything special? Would you go back?