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The Correct Way to Wash Your Car

April 23, 2016
Washing your car might seem like a mindless task, but professional detailers will tell you there is a proper way to do it. There is an art to getting your car as clean as possible without scratching or damaging its surface. How do you do this without emptying your pockets? Let me tell you! Gather up your supplies. You’ll need a water hose, soap that is safe for car paint, a microfiber towel, and a microfiber or lambswool washing mitt. Four items–that’s it! Avoid using dish soap because it can strip away wax. Additionally, regular towels and terry cloth can scratch away the paint’s clear top coat, so stick to microfiber. Rinse the car. Thoroughly rinse your vehicle before applying any soap. This is especially important during hotter months, as it helps cool down the paint and wash away debris. If bird droppings or bugs remain after the initial rinse, apply additional cleaner or rubbing alcohol to loosen it. Be careful not to scrub too hard, though! Start from the top. It’s crucial that you wash from the top down. This will minimize time, effort, and the amount of soap needed. The bottom of cars are the dirtiest, so it’s important to let the dirt from the top funnel down to the bottom. Make sure to wash in vertical or horizontal patterns, not circular motions. Use two buckets. Why would you want to mix dirty water with clean water? You’ll never get your car clean! Keep clean, soapy water in one bucket, and rinse out your washing mitt in the other. Rinse thoroughly. After you’re done cleaning the car, use the water hose to rinse away any remaining soap. Dry off the car. Never let soap dry on your car’s surface, as it can leave behind a sticky film. You should also try to dry your car in the shade; washing a car in the sunlight or on a hot day can leave behind spots that only a (costly) professional can remove. Don’t forget to use the microfiber cloth! Voilà! You now have the prettiest car on the block. So, as you can see, washing your car doesn’t have to be a chore. Just follow these six easy steps, and you’ll be a pro in no time.
Under the Hood

The sun it shining! Time to get your ride shining!

April 9, 2010
Washing down the ride...

Washing down the ride...

After the harsh winter we had this year, it’s time to get your vehicle into shape for the warmer months! After all the sleet, ice and salt, our vehicles are in need of a good, clean bath. And what better time to give your car a little TLC than April, National Car Care Month? First off, let’s get the outside of those cars clean! A good hand wash is very important. Check out the condition of your vehicle by looking for any damage to the paint, scratches or chips. Here are some more tips for spring cleaning your car:
  • You will want to rid your vehicle of any salt or dirt residue. The salt can destroy the paint on your vehicle, so you want to make sure you check every nook and cranny!
  • A good idea for the start of spring is to get your vehicle waxed, which will help protect it from the wet  weather.
  • Next in line is the windshield and wipers. Make sure the glass is crack and chip free. And, if you were wiping away snow and ice, you may want to replace those wiper blades!
  • Let’s move inside your ride. You want to make sure your carpet is clean. A good shampoo will help remove any salt and dirt from the floors.
  • Don’t forget to check the condition of your interior, whether it’s leather, cloth or vinyl. Give them a good vacuum or shampoo if needed.
  • Visibility is always important! So make sure to give your windows a nice rub down.
Now that your ride is shining, get on the road and enjoy the spring weather! Do you have any car tips you’d like to share with me?
It's hard work buffing out a car!

It's hard work buffing out a car!