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Where do I get the money for a down payment?

May 21, 2010
IMG_1087-645x483 This is a question I am asked all the time: Where am I going to get the money for a down payment on my car? First of all, a down payment is the money you need to pay the bank or lender upfront in order to purchase a car or home. There are MANY benefits in providing a down payment; most importantly — a lower monthly payment for you! So, let me throw out some ideas about how to save up for the down payment: 1. Restrict eating out 2. Buy food in bulk 3. Start using coupons 4. Cook more at home 5. Make a shopping list 6. Bring lunch to work 7.  Car pool to save on gas 8. Save your change, it adds up 9. Can you live without cable or satellite tv for a while? 10. Cut down on utility bills 11. Drop a land line 12. Borrow books, rather than buy them 13. Look for cheap or FREE entertainment for you and your family 14. If you smoke, QUIT! A pack a day will save you about $1800 a year! 15. Cut back on that expensive coffee. I have a problem with this one! Saving money for a down payment may be slow and somewhat painful, but it can be done. There are always ways to save money. You just need to think outside the box! What are some of the ways you’ve cut costs to save for a big purchase?