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5 Tips to Make Your Car Smell Great!

February 6, 2014
You hop into your car and all of a sudden a wave of  bad aroma hits you. Smells of leftover food, spilled soda cans, and old candy wrappers fill the air. Unintentionally you let your vehicle get dirty and smelly. You decide to clean out your car, but you still can’t get rid of that musky dirty smell. I have some tips on how you can get rid of that smell and keep your car smelling great. Tip #1. Don’t ever try to mask the oder- believe me it doesn’t work. Cleaning your vehicle of all garbage is the first battle. Make sure that you no longer have any spills that might cause an order. Tip #2. You can get rid of long term smells by using a cup of vinegar. All you do is fill it up to the top of the cup. Then stick it in the car, on a level surface, over night. If you still smell a bad oder the next day, then leave the vinegar in your car for another day. It is suppose to collect bad smelling enzyme from the air in your car! Pretty cool right! Tip #3. If you buy a air freshner tree, then make sure to put it in the glove box or under a seat. True story: I had a car freshener that was so powerful, that even when I took it out, I could smell it for days! Just to be on the safe side, make sure you keep your air freshener hidden. Tip #4.  Air Fresheners don’t work alone. You can’t just mask the smell of old McDonald’s food with a pine tree air freshener. That would be equivalent to someone spraying a ton of cologne on themselves after exercising. Try using an odor eliminator like Febreze. You can put it on your seats, mats, or air to eliminate “odor catchers”. Tip #5.  Some people have even added fabric softener under their seats to absorb any terrible smells. I hope those tips will help keep your car smelling “So Fresh and So Clean Clean!”