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the MONDAY blues

April 25, 2011

keep the sanity 🙂

A lot of people dread hearing that alarm clock early Monday morning. Not me! I actually look forward to the start of a fresh week. For those who permanently have a hand on “snooze”, there may be some things to get your engines started!
  • Have something to look forward to
  • Cold Shower!
  • Have a routine
  • New playlist / talk radio station
  • Coffee / Breakfast stop
  • Plan out your week – To Do list
  • New outfit!
Every Monday morning, I start my day with a fresh outlook on my week. After a lengthy shower, I start my “primping”! You only feel as good as you look! 🙂 I make my daily visit to Starbucks on 135th and Blackbob, to see my favorite barista, Tina – where my Grande, Non-fat, No whip, Extra Hot, Mocha awaits. Hopefully, I can belt out a couple Country tunes on the way – maybe mix in a little Hip Hop if I’m feeling frisky. Driving through the Service Department, I give a couple shout-outs to my boys; stop by the Customer Lounge for a quick hello, and make a v-line to my office. And that’s where the emailing begins! I honestly believe having a routine helps in everyday life, whether it’s business or personal. What helps you get through the Monday blues?