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Financing 101: What's a credit report?

February 2, 2010
Jessica Reeves - Finance Manager @ McCarthy Chevrolet So, after I graduated college with my Public Relations and Advertising degree, I decided to apply what I had learned and dive right into Finance. HA! I thought the only way to learn the business was to excel in different aspects of the automobile industry. Wow! I knew NOTHING about finance, insurance or loans … but I sure did learn a great deal from a great man. Greg Kurz has worked with my father for over 20 years in the Finance Department. He is the best at what he does! One of the first things to understand about financing a vehicle is the importance of a credit report. Your credit report is basically a history book on your spending and earning habits. It tells you a lot! It tells banks and lending institutions a lot, too. “Your credit score tells you what you can buy,” said Chad Atcheson, Finance Manager at Olathe Nissan. Why is it so important? “It’s kinda like a backup plan, if you don’t have cash to pay for things,” says Jessica Reeves, Finance Assistant at McCarthy Chevrolet. A lot of people can’t write a check for a brand new car. We are lucky to have an option for monthly payments and that’s why maintaining your credit score is so important. As is not living beyond your means! Kurz recommends viewing your credit report at least once a year. This will keep you knowledgeable and on top of your credit. How do you feel about the finance part of buying a car? Do you have any financing questions that you’d like me to write about here? Credit Application