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10 Essential Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Service Tips

June 20, 2019

Electric cars are a rare breed within the auto world. Unlike “normal” cars, EVs don’t require regular oil changes, nor do they need new spark plugs or yearly emissions inspections. Heck, it’s unusual to even change the brakes on an EV thanks to regenerative braking technology and the electric motor’s ability to stop without any mechanically based friction. They truly are works of art that also reduce auto maintenance costs significantly.

While electric car maintenance is easier and costs less than that of gas-powered vehicles, it doesn’t mean EV owners can forego trips to their local auto service center. Electric vehicles have their own list of auto service demands – some of which are shared with conventional vehicles – and if those demands are not met, you can assume a very costly repair will be right around the corner. Here are 10 of the most vital EV maintenance tasks that should never be skipped.

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Car Culture, Money Matters

Tax Time – How to save your money!

April 14, 2011

The Nissan Leaf

It’s tax time! Most people dread this part of being a ‘grown-up’, however there’s always a silver lining … right? Tax season stinks, but for some the smell wasn’t too bad. Last year, those who purchased alternative fueled vehicles (a.k.a. hybrid); received quite a hefty return on investment. Thanks to President Bush and The Energy Policy Act of 2005, consumers were offered up to $3,400 as a tax credit for their purchase of an efficient hybrid car.  After December 31, 2010, this was no longer in effect. Ugh! Don’t fret … there’s something new to consider. Now, consumers can receive up to $7,500 tax credit for plug-in hybrids and electric cars. So, turn that frown upside down! For more information regarding tax benefits and cars check out this article. And just so you know … the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt are qualifiers! As always, let me know if you have any questions.