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Safety UP, deaths DOWN

April 6, 2011
Driving along, I often wonder about that split second before an accident occurs …  does your life really flash before you? does the shock draw a blank? What about your vehicle; what’s it thinking? With all the recent safety features and specs, it’s a fact – cars are safer to drive these days. According to the United States Transportation Department, deaths resulting from highway accidents are lower. Thank goodness! Some positive news! Not only do vehicles provide better safety equipment; drivers are wearing their seat belts more often and staying off the road after alcohol consumption. Smart move, I’d say!  Read more about Highway deaths fall to lowest level since 1949, a report The Today Show posted recently. Vehicles on the rode today offer far more advanced technology; to keep us safe. Standard features like ‘front and rear crumple zones’ and ‘energy-absorbing steering column’ to absorb some of the impact when in an accident. Other features like ‘traction control’ and ‘electronic stability control’ which help prevent the accident from occurring. And ‘on-star automatic crash response & emergency services’ if in fact you are in an accident and need immediate assistance. It’s nice to know your car is thinking of you … and your safety!
Auto News, Behind the Wheel

In case of emergency … for your kiddos

January 19, 2011

This is "how not to" do it!!!

In the past, I have written blogs regarding car safety, emergency car kits, and what happens after an accident. And I’ve seemed to have  left out the kiddos! So, let me elaborate on the safety of children in your car.  In case you’re in an accident, this information will help the first-responders immediately determine the child’s needs in the safest and quickest way. If your children are in car seats, you’ll want to smack a big, bright sticker on it. Now let’s talk about what’s on that sticker:
  1. Name of child
  2. Parents’ or guardians’ names
  3. Best phone number of parent or guardian
  4. Two names and phone numbers of local friends/relatives (in case parents are not available)
  5. List of “Medical Need to Know” regarding kids
  • Any allergies – especially to medication
  • Any medical conditions
  • Type of formula (for a young baby)
  • Name and phone number of child’s pediatrician
  • Insurance information
I can’t stress the importance of car safety and preparation before getting on the road; especially if there’s a family involved! Buckle up, kiddos!