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Great customer service on my TV shoot

December 10, 2009
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Salon One 19

A couple months ago, I had a four day adventure around Kansas City. I drove around Kansas City interviewing women (and men) about their car buying experience, as many of you may know. In order to look the part, I needed a little help in a certain department. Every morning, I woke up and drove to Salon One 19, located in Leawood, Kansas. Salon One 19 opened their doors each morning to me with smiling faces and welcoming arms … oh, and hot green tea! Yummy! In order for me to be on time for the shoots, my hairstylist had arrived early to work. Also, to save time, they pushed my bill to the last day of the shoots … so i only had one bill for the four days. Margo (my hair stylist) performed miracles on my “do!” The hospitality and friendliness was something I greatly appreciated. The managers, receptionists and other stylists were always smiling and showing an interest in what I was doing. They allowed Angie (my makeup artist) space in their salon to apply the wonders of beauty on my face. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of ladies. I always look forward to going back … even if it’s just to say hello. Thank you Salon One 19! Customer service is key in owning and running any business. It’s how to treat your customers. It’s about building a relationship and keeping one. Share your stories with me! Or just give props to a local business if you’d like. Do you have any examples of exceptional customer service? What made it so great?
Salon One 19

Salon One 19