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Construction zone driving tips

May 18, 2010
You’re gazing down the road and you start to notice a trail of big, orange barrels. What do you do? Speed up to pass three people in front of you or slow down and try to exit the highway? Well, in order to get to work on time or pick little Sally up from practice in a timely manner, let’s look at some standard driving tips from MoDOT Safety that will help when facing a construction site. Mind your speed Slow it down a bit. You’ll get there quicker than you think. Be aware of a change in speed signs. Nobody wants a ticket in a construction zone. That’s a big no-no! Leave some space Try not to ride anyones tail too closely, you never know what’s going on in front of you. Here’s a good rule: You should be able to see the bottom of the tires of the vehicle in front of you. DO NOT pass on the shoulder. Hello! There may be construction workers! And, keep an eye in your rearview mirror. You want to make sure your followers aren’t riding you. Keep focused Don’t rush! Pay attention. Don’t be doing 100 other things in the car. And, when you’re expecting roadwork, leave a little bit earlier that day. It can’t hurt! Confession time: Do you speed up or slow down when you see the orange barrels? Have you ever gotten a ticket in a construction zone? Do share your story!