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What makes a good salesperson?

December 8, 2009
What do you look for in a salesperson? After venturing around Kansas City, I’ve heard a lot of negative attributes associated with car salespeople. Too pushy, too aggressive, not truthful and slick. A little disappointing, considering the majority of my family is in the car business, including me. Car salesmen and women have a bad rap for as long as I can remember, which would be 25 years. The times have changed … the business remains the same. People want to buy cars, we want to sell cars. Now, with the use of the internet, I do think the way people buy cars has changed. But, like any retail business, people want to be treated with respect and honesty. [youtube][/youtube] The women and men that I interviewed had the same response … honesty. It seems like a lot of people have been duped in the past. But I hope that one negative experience would not ruin it for the bunch. Tell me what you think. What makes a good salesperson? Share any experiences you may have had with a salesperson … Good or Bad?