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How to get rid of a bad smell in your car?

June 1, 2010
When all else fails ...!

When all else fails ...!

Isn’t it the worse when you climb into someone’s car and you have to hold your breath because the smell is so potent? Well, imagine if it’s your own vehicle! Let’s talk about some ways to rid your car of that nasty smell, whatever it may be. First of all, get rid of any trash, stains and stick a vacuum on it. Then place a single dryer sheet underneath each seat. Start your car and let it run for about 10 minutes to get the scent flowing. This is one SIMPLE and CHEAP way to do things! Here’s a tip: Before you add any fragrance to your vehicle, make sure the carpets and upholstery are DRY. Nothing is worse than a moldy, steamy smell! After doing a little research, I found a few more inexpensive and easy solutions to get rid of a bad odor in your car.
  1. Charcoal – An open bag of charcoal is a natural product that will absorb and get rid of any odors.
  2. Coffee Grounds – The coffee grounds absorbs odors and leave a lovely “Starbucksess” smell behind!
  3. Vinegar – Vinegar is one more natural product that is used to absorb any and all smells. Just set a bowl of white vinegar in your car to do its job!
Alright, are there any other fabulous tips and suggestions for getting rid of that smell in your car?