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7 Best Car Maintenance Reminder Apps for Android & iPhone

November 13, 2019
Here’s the deal: As someone who lives and breathes automotive, I should be caught up on all my car’s maintenance tasks. After all, I realize that getting my vehicle serviced regularly is the best way to keep it on the road. But life, as it turns out, always moves too quickly around the time my next service is due, resulting in a missed service appointment or two. Shame on me, I know.

But that was before I really embraced that phone I keep in my back pocket. With an auto maintenance app, I’ve learned that I can get by with a little help from my AI friends. (Thank the techie gods for smartphones!)

If you’ve been neglecting your vehicle, it’s time to overload it with some TLC. These 7 car maintenance apps for iPhone and Android should help with the “C” part—the “T” and “L” are all on you.


Free myCARFAX app

1. Free myCARFAX

CARFAX’s free car maintenance app alerts users when it’s time for any scheduled maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, and routine service. Users can add and track service for up to 8 vehicles by searching their VIN, making it a very simple auto maintenance reminder apps to use. And when it’s time to visit a mechanic or service center, the application can point you toward your car dealer or the closest auto repair shop near you.

Best for: Personal

Price: Free

Download: Android | iPhone

AUTOsist Car & Fleet Maintenance

2. AUTOsist Car & Fleet Maintenance

An amazing app for commercial vehicle fleets, AUTOsist micromanages everything so fleet managers don’t have to worry about downtime, costs, or inefficiencies. Users can manage multiple vehicles—this includes cars, trailers, boats, and any other asset—and receive reminders when service is due. Records are synced to the cloud, too, so service history is always backed up, shareable, and exportable. Its monthly subscription fee is nominal, making it a great choice for businesses. (The free version is a great choice, as well.)

Best for: Business & Fleet Owners

Price: Free-$49.99

Download: Android | iPhone

Digital Glovebox

3. Digital Glovebox

Like most applications, Digital Glovebox provides a paperless service history of multiple vehicles (up to 3). What sets Digital Glovebox apart from other car maintenance apps is its user-first approach. Some apps require users to utilize an in-network auto repair facility in order to track service and maintenance records. Digital Glovebox enables users to create records no matter how or where maintenance was performed. With the program, you can even schedule an appointment at a service center or shop of your choosing, and track service for anything, including machinery and motorcycles.

Best for: Personal

Price: Free

Download: Android | iPhone

Simply Auto by Mobifolio

4. Simply Auto by Mobifolio

Simply Auto: Car Maintenance & Mileage Tracker is a quality app that acts as your vehicle’s know-it-all buddy. The application allows you to manage nearly every aspect of vehicle maintenance. You can set recurring service reminders based date or mileage, attach fuel receipts for business expense reports, and analyze your vehicle’s gas consumption over time. The app, with its cloud-sync feature, also allows users to track multiple vehicles. And when it’s time for resale, these reports can be transferred to new owners.

Best for: Commercial or Fleet

Price: Free – $10

Download: Android | iPhone

motolog Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy

5. motolog Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy

Easily track your fuel and service expenses with motolog’s Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy App. Solely available for Android devices, this vehicle maintenance app not only keeps records of service and fill-ups, but it also features GPS tracking software that can be paired straight through your car’s Bluetooth. Best of all, the GPS software automatically starts and stops when your vehicle does, so you’re always recording accurate data. When service is needed, the Android app notifies you.

Best for: Personal & Business

Price: Free-$0.99

Download: Android

Auto Care 1

6. Auto Care 1

For just $5 a month, you can track and manage as many vehicles as necessary via your iPhone or iPad tablet. Everything’s backed up on Apple’s iCloud, including refueling reports, service history, costs, and fuel economy statistics. Service reminders are provided at customized intervals. It also supports multiple languages and Family Sharing, the latter of which allows up to 6 family members to use the app in its entirety.

Best for: Business & Personal

Price: $4.99

Download: iPhone

Aurum Car Management

7. Aurum Car Management

If you don’t mind a few grammatic errors — we all make missteaks, right? – this free car maintenance reminder app for Android may be your cup o’ tea. The app tracks service and replacement parts, of course, and adds visual cues (car meter indicators) when service is needed. It even informs you of upcoming insurance renewals, registration renewals, and emissions inspections. Its unique software utilizes an algorithm to detect service dates based on your input and the vehicle’s make and model. Or, if you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, you can even add service reminders manually.

Best for: Personal

Price: Free

Download: Android

Other Car Service Reminder Apps

Newer vehicles have advanced systems in place that make vehicle maintenance simpler—and those systems are all accessible via a smartphone app (typically). Take a look at these few examples:
  • NissanConnect® – Available in select Nissan models starting in 2016, NissanConnect provides Scheduled Maintenance Notifications, Maintenance Alerts, and Vehicle Health Reports.
  • Hyundai Blue Link® – Hyundai’s On-Demand Diagnostics and Alerts feature allows you to run a full vehicle diagnostic check-up and schedule service with the tap of a button. Maintenance notifications are delivered by email, as well.
  • myChevrolet – GM’s car maintenance app has a Vehicle Status feature that monitors and tracks everything from oil life to tire pressure. When service is due, easily schedule an appointment through the app.
  • Toyota Owners – Access model-specific info, locate dealer service offers, and keep track of maintenance or parts through the Toyota Owners app.
  • MySubaru – Subscribed users can utilize SUBARU STARLINK® to receive vehicle service notifications in real-time, among other perks.
  Whether you’re too busy to remember oil changes or you feel like keeping a vehicle maintenance log is adult-sized homework, I promise there’s an app that’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. You’ve just got to pop into the app store for a test drive (or ten).

Did I miss your favorite? Hit me up with any other awesome apps that you’ve used to ensure your spare tires stay spare tires. I’m all ears.


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